Thursday, June 7, 2007

So this is goodbye....

It's been a good time, posting for my readers, sharing my thoughts with others, my process, my ups & downs. I love sharing who I am with people, giving others a sense of what I'm feeling, experiencing and what's happening in my life.

My blog has been part of a public domain for a long time, and I've really enjoyed that aspect of it. However, recently, it's become something a little bit different... I have found that I am not entirely comfortable with the idea of one particular individual reading my blog. I found myself always aware that they are, in a way, invading my privacy. And yes, it is public domain, and not exactly designed for privacy in a lot of ways, but still, I've found it a little unsettling to be aware of the fact that they're keeping tabs on my life without me really having the desire to have them know all about me. And so I bid you adieu.